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Thursday, July 24, 2008day link 

 Fellowship of Isis - Star of Elen
24 Jul 2008 @ 03:30
A new advisory board for the Fellowship of Isis has just been chartered in the United Kingdom. It is called 'Star of Elen.' I received notice of the charter and new board this morning.

A new page on the COI website provides information.

The creation of this board is another step in the decentralization process, as directed by FOI co-founder Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson.

Heartfelt Congratulations to all the members of the Star of Elen!

(Thanks to Linda Iles who sent out this announcement)

24 Jul 2008 @ 03:14
Dear Friends,

I HATE to ask for donations... because I am sure all of you are melting down financially also.

Here is the situation:

When I started up Propheckeepers Radio and Foundation, I asked for free will donations enough to keep it going.

That didn't work very well.

Robert Ghost Wolf told me that I needed to get a sponsor, because in his vast experience, getting people to donate on a regular basis to a native american charitable effort just did not work.

This "Native Prophecy Council" Yahoo list has always had about 500 members, and I originally asked for a few (5) bucks a month from each member... and from early 2004 to the fall of 2005 5-6 people beared the total burden for hundreds of others listeners, which I did not feel was fair, be we soldiered on.

After we found a good sponsor we felt good about which was helping people with their health with and began running ads, things looked up for quite a while... until my wife required 24 hour care for over a year in early 2006.

For 2.5 years we had an ample income to support to do a lot of things you didn't know about -- our charitable giving to other native non- profits and some elders, travel, our websites, hosting, domain names...

...UNTIL 2/29/08 when the head of was arrested and we lost two months income... thousand of dollars gone -- in an instant. We ave never been paid for this and never will.

Betty passed away not long ago, and we lost our Micronutra income shortly after that.

If it was not for my church helping us for 90 days in April/May/June, we would have gone belly up right then... but the church helped as long as their rules said they could.

Then the economy fell apart not long after our problems with started.

On 6/20/2008 I was able to get some Water4Gas ad space donated over at and that worked for a few weeks... but that is now floundering.

We just lost ... the Native Prophecy Net Center, and soon I will lose many other supporting natural health related domains (over 100 total) and we will not be able to pay for hosting for the archived wisdom interviews at which is coming up soon.

This also means that all of Robert Ghst Wolf's domains will disappear also becasue they are osted by Prophecykeepers also.

This Native Prophecy Council yahoo group will be dismantled just before I lose internet access in a few days.

Folks... all this effort has always required money...

But unfortunately, most people on this group are poor or on a fixed income, etc. and said from the outset that they could not help... and only a handful were able to help us.

Truth be known, I never could figure out how 475 people could afford a computer and Internet access... but could not afford to send us $5.00 a month faithfully... and neither could a few other group members who stuck up for Prophecykeepers and also asked for donations. That didnt work well either.

So, I guess Prophecykeepers has done what we could for the world when we could, and we have to face that all that may be coming to an end.

I wish all of you well.

I hope a few donations will come in to keep things chugging for all the people out there who are waking up late.

I will not be asking another time.

I am so grateful or your support in the past -- whether in dollars in in prayers -- in the past.

I feel like we all gave birth to this baby which is called Prophecykeepers -- together.

You can make a donation at [link]

OR you can go to [link] and do yourself a favor and learn how to save 50% on gasoline.

Or you can go to and buy something to boost your health... with FREE Ayurveda doctors consultations.

I don't mean to be negative, but I really think we are coming to the end of Prophecykeepers. One of you on this list will be very happy to hear that...yes folks, we have a witch on our list who keeps burrowing in anonymously and gleefully sends me hate mail.

Isn't that nice? Unfortunatley, this kind of disgusting thing is part and parcel of Indian life today.

Prophecykeepers is not alone... we have worked hand in hand with Grandfather Red Elk for a long time... and he has always had the same problem... lack of support, lack of caring -- an overall attitude of "the universe will take care of RedElk" but he confided that the people who think that way dont understand that THEY ARE the Universe... and it is their stewardship that is needed.

And that made RedElk very sad, and has always been very discouraging for me also... becasue he and I KNOW we have a LOT of "answers" for mankind... if only our message can be heard.

I know, I know... I am gonna be hearing from several of you, all saying I am not "manifesting wealth" properly... I wasn't thankful enough...

...but I assure you we have been using every method, technology, prayer, affirmation... and still we are sinking.

My teacher Grandfather Rolling Thunder ("RT") was said by many to be the greatest medicine man of the 20th century... and he had the very same problem... thousands of people resonated with his message... and only a very small handful ever helped financially.

"RT" said that thousand "talked the talk," but only dozens "walked the walk..." but then Rolling Thunder said "it has always been so."

I guess it is just time to let Prophecykeepers die a natural death... unless maybe?

You old friend,

Will Blueotter

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