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 Pledge against racism in the Goddess Community
picture 21 Feb 2008 @ 01:20
Thanks to Genevieve Vaughan and Heide Goettner-Abendroth for drafting and circulating this pledge:

Here is a pledge against racism in the Goddess Community. If you want to add your name please click below or e mail me Please also send the pledge on to others.

If you prefer you can also just print it out and sign it personally, as an agreement with your own spirit.

We will send the pledge with signatures to Goddess publications and events.
Please let me know your comments or suggestions.
Blessed Be

Pledge of the Goddess Community on Racism

As a member of the group of human beings who honor the present and past images of female divinity, I pledge to include in Goddess conferences the indigenous people of the locality or territory where conferences are held, and to reference and honor their deities. That is, I myself will make every effort to invite speakers and participants of the people indigenous to the area and of other ethnic groups. If I am not an organizer of the event myself I will work to ensure that the organizers invite them. Given the economic injustice in our society, I will promote special stipends for speakers of color and sliding scale or free access to conferences for any participants of color or other participants who may be economically oppressed.

The multiplicity of the Goddess is expressed in the variety of humanity and in the many kinds of ritual and worship. Racism dishonors the Goddess(es).

Signed in good faith

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