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Morphogenesis from the Greek morphe, form and genesis, coming into being

Monday, November 26, 2007day link 

 Help the Beltane Papers
26 Nov 2007 @ 19:53
TBP will be on hiatus until the corporation status and financial problems have been resolved. I am currently not accepting any new subscriptions or submissions until this is straightened out. If you would really like to help TBP, BUY BACK ISSUES!! I have two storage spaces full of them! Even if you have a set, buy some for someone else for Christmas! Buy some to donate to your local library (could be tax deductable). Buy something from our [link]!If you don't see an item or cover you would like - let me know and I will make it.

Current Subscribers: You have three choices. I can issue you a pro-rated refund. You can donate what's left of your subscription so I don't have to issue refunds out of my own pocket, or you can wait it out and your subscription can start back up if the magazine does. You can contact me at to let me know what you want to do.


Corporation Officers: TBP needs at least three corporation officers to continue the corporation that exists or to create a new corporation. This time the corporation officers need to be involved in TBP, not just a name on a paper. I would prefer people with non-profit corporation experience, but any corporation experience would be good.

Money: TBP is out of money. I have paid out of my own pocket close to $3,500.00 just this year alone. I hope to collect at least $1,000.00 from distributors for issues 40 and 41 but they are slow to pay and I will be shelling out another $900.00 to the printer in order to keep TBP's credit ( and my own good name) clean. I would love to see someone else, anyone else show this kind of support. Marione and I have put in well over $10,000.00 over the years, without even being able to deduct it from our taxes. I challenge everyone to provide some financial support to TBP as a demonstration of just how much TBP means to you - this is a "put your money where your mouth is" kind of challenge!

SAVE TBP!!! Donate

NOTE: You cannot deduct these donations from your taxes as TBP has not obtained it's Federal non-profit status yet.

Business Manager: I would prefer this person to be a corporation officer, but they don't have to be. This person would take care of the financial books, accounts receivable and payable.

Advertising/Marketing Manager: This person would aggressively pursue paid advertising and new distributors. Without paid ads TBP will not survive.

Editors/Proofers: There are no more volunteers to do this work. Without editors pursuing content and proofers proofing content, there will be no TBP.

Production Personnel: The actual production of TBP is an arduous task. When it is done by the same person over and over it can be overwhelming. It would be wiser to have two production people or teams that can alternate production responsibilities. Your should be familiar with Photoshop, PageMaker and Adobe Acrobat Professional for creating PS and PDF files for press. TBP can supply these programs for the Windows platform.

Subscription and Back Issue Fulfillment: This person will send out back issues as ordered and subscriptions that are requested in between issues. Currently back issues are stored in Bellingham and Kirkland, Washington at $100.00 per month. They could be moved, but it could be expensive to do so.

NOTE: None of these are paid positions. TBP is an all volunteer organization.

Thank you for your support, Lisé ( )

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