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Friday, April 22, 2005day link 

 Last Moments at the UN
22 Apr 2005 @ 14:36
When I began this journey, I was unclear what I might bring home with me. Each day I would start out in Brooklyn, walking the streets where cultures converge, orthodox jews, chinese and hispanic (not sure what countries are represented here). It is a harsh reality of concrete and metal bars, with lights on throughout the night, so one cannot see stars.
I cried each day, sometimes in the morning on my way in, sometimes on my way home. So little of nature - though I do recall the pale pink blooming mystery tree that stands caged on 47th St. And there were buds arising out of concrete planters, caged as well.

I miss the the natural flow of light to dark and light again. Rising before the sun, sleeping when the body and mind are tired.

Today I wanted to be sure to get to the NGO Caucus meeting. The Seceretary General made another and last appearance to the meeting. He had good news and news. The good news was that after all the intensity of the two weeks, many of us were still smiling. The news is that even after a late night (1:30AM) negotiating session, there still is no completed document. He is committed to having a document by the close of his tenure at 6PM today. His stated regret is that he and the delegates will not have time to move into actions in this last session.

If I were to really take a look at what the global conversation is about, it is about our basic humanity. I feel hopeful and heartened at the way people of diversity commit to live in peace.

It has been an exciting CSD process with many firsts. The public sector was able to interact with the delegates, giving their input and statements on the floor into record.

When I get home, I will have more time to write. Off to say my goodbyes.

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