Morphogenesis - Priestessing on the edge of chaos
Morphogenesis from the Greek morphe, form and genesis, coming into being

Wednesday, June 9, 2004day link 

 We Are The New Civilization
picture 9 Jun 2004 @ 18:29
Annie B. Bond, Executive Producer of Care2's Healthy Living content, wrote an article called Counteracting Pictures of Torture in a recent ENewsletter Vol. 3, Issue 27 - June 8, 2004 Annie writes:

"Call it serendipity, but a poem by an unknown author came to me in the mail the other day called "We Are The New Civilization." I am impressed at how it offers a new compass for human behavior, and best of all my daughter's eyes lit up when she read it herself. Maybe yours will, too?"

I followed the link to read the full article where it traces the poem to a newsletter Always in Season, by Donna Henes

The unknown author is our very own Ming Way to go Mingster, you're famous! Miss you!  More >

 Speaking of Famous People
picture 9 Jun 2004 @ 19:48
Natural Health and Beauty has a great interview with Shirley MacLaine:

Here is a snippet:

Do you enjoy the role of being a guru?
I don’t like to think of myself that way. I don’t know about gurus. I never had a guru, so I don’t want to be anyone’s guru. I stopped doing my seminars in the ’80s for that reason. My audiences were giving away their power to me, and I couldn’t stand it. I don’t like power that much. I don’t like telling people what to do. I like to share my experience, and then I like to hear about what they want so they can find their own path. You really have to get clear in your mind, though, whether you want to be a guru or not. I made up my mind in the ’80s, and I proved it; I quit the seminars. There were too many people following me around, too many people saying I changed their lives. And I didn’t. They did. I think of it as though I’m the flint with which you can light your own fire.

Is that why you decided to do a web site?
Many people came to me and asked that I do it, since I was thought of as one of the founders of this whole spiritual movement. Although it is certainly not new. It’s been going on for maybe 7,000 years. I wanted to build a community, so I just took it slow, and step by step learned from the spiritual community about what people wanted. Now I have 17 million users.

Wow, 17 million users....move over Ming!

 Circle of Aradia's Summer Solstice Ritual
picture 9 Jun 2004 @ 17:46
Saturday, June 19th 7:00PM (doors open at 6:30, lock at 7PM)

In the Dianic tradition, on Summer Solstice we celebrate Goddess as Mother/Maker and the diverse ways we create in our lives. Through movement, trance and ritual enactment, we will work the power of fire in its many aspects and applications: Fire as the power of the will, fire as a healing power. Because of the possible intensity during this ritual, younger children's participation will be limited to daughters 11 and older.

Place: Topanga Canyon (Indoors) Donation Requested: $13.00-$9.00 (sliding scale) No woman is turned away for lack of funds. *All proceeds help fund COA's community rituals and special events.

WHAT TO BRING: *A red or orange jar candle (all candles must be in a holder) *Healthy vegetarian food and/or drink to share (absolutely no alcohol please) *Plate, cup, utensils for the feast (In honor of our Earth Mother COA will not provide paper goods) *Wear comfortable festive clothing and supportive shoes (the floor at the community house is terrible for bare feet) Optional: Decorations for our communal altar, donations for BRIGID'S WELL RSVP: (323) 650-1605 ext. 3# by Thursday, June 17th, 2004. Please leave a message including your name, phone number and the number of women you plan to bring. Let us know if you or your guests are newcomers, and if you or your guests will be bringing girls under 17. Womyn born womyn only. Please do not call COA the weekend of the ritual, as we are extremely busy preparing and will not be able to process your call.

FOR NEWCOMERS: Newcomers are warmly welcomed! We want your experience to be optimal so we have created these guidelines in your interest. Women new to Goddess spirituality must be advised that the ritual is a participatory religious service and is not structured to be an introduction to the Goddess of to Feminist Witchcraft. The following books are suggested reading before attending a public ritual: The Spiral Dance by Starhawk , The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries by Z Budapest , Ariandne's Thread by Shekhinah Mountainwater, 'Invocation to Free Women' (audiocassette) by Ruth Barrett and Felicity Flowers. These are available at the COA Store or your local book store. If you are planning on bringing newcomers to the ritual, please be responsible to them and COA by preparing your guests in advance. Give your guests a general idea of what to expect so that they can participate in benefit of themselves and all women present.

RITUAL LOCATION: The Topanga Community House,Please RSVP before Thursday to COA, 323/650-1605 extension 3. Leave a message including your name, telephone number, and how many women you plan to bring. This is a participatory ritual is for serious seekers only. Once the circle is cast we cannot admit latecomers, so please arrive on time, Doors open at 6:30pm and will be locked at 7 pm. Carpool if possible.

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