Morphogenesis - Priestessing on the edge of chaos
Morphogenesis from the Greek morphe, form and genesis, coming into being

Thursday, July 17, 2003day link 

 Dancing with the Fates - Body as Oracles Venue Change
picture 17 Jul 2003 @ 08:15
A Fringe Goddess Conference day Workshop with Letecia Layson ( Women Only ) Day-Long Workshop Tuesday 29th July at the Pilgrim Centre on Magdalene Street

Dress comfortably. No Dance Experience Needed. Bring percussion, drums, rattles, veils and scarves to dance with or adorn yourself or others. Book via Goddess Conference 2-4 High Street or contact Julie Solheim-Roe All Tuesday workshops begin at 10am and end between 4-5pm. 30 Sterling for the day Please bring a packed lunch/ pot luck to share. / Tea and coffee provided.

~ Let the Muses guide your Body:
"To allow your own relationship with the Fates to Dance you ~ Such transpersonal and yet deeply personal Work allows for a body ReMembering of the Ancient Future Dance Temple that is inherent in the blood and bones of all women. The body intelligence which arises from this particular form of Sacred Dance has healed and influenced my life greatly, and I have bared Witness to many women for whom it has altered. This is the opposite of performance dance; It is about the Deeper Inner Dance of all Ages, with Woman supporting and witnessing Woman. This Work can help women release their true beauty and inherent wisdom in an extraordinary and palatable sense." ~Julie Solheim-Roe

 Ruth Barrett Releases 2 New CD's
picture picture 17 Jul 2003 @ 09:43
It is with great joy that I announce the release of my two new CDs from Dancing Tree Music, THE YEAR IS A DANCING WOMAN, Volumes 1 & 2.

From July 16th-August 18th I will be in Great Britain teaching and giving a concert at the Goddess Conference, and then on to the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival.

Ruth Barrett THE YEAR IS A DANCING WOMAN Goddess Chants, Songs, and Invocations for the Wheel of the Year Volume One: Midwinter through May Eve Volume Two: Midsummer through Hallomas

The collection features my daughter, Amanda Barrett, Dena Drotar, Diane Miller, and Kerry Noonan on chant chorus vocals, and Harvest Brown, Holin Badger Shu-bad on percussion

The CDs include original works by Ruth Barrett, Diana Earthmission, Kay Gardner, Niki Harris, Carolyn Hillyer, Holin Kennen, Sue McGowan, Shekhinah Mountainwater, Kerry Noonan, Lori Richards, and Starhawk, Plus songs from traditional folk sources celebrating the seasons

The cover artist for both volumes is Mara Bosch, and each CD includes song notes and lyrics. From the CD booklets about the recordings:

It has been my delight to present this musical offering that includes so many pieces by some of my favorite composers. I am deeply thankful to the talented crew of priestess singers and percussionists who brought their creativity, passion, and love to this project. Having the opportunity to sing with my beautiful daughter, Amanda, was a particularly wondrous and precious experience.

I had many intentions in producing this recording. Foremost, to provide you, the listener, with an enjoyable musical journey around a Goddess- and woman-centered Wheel of the Year. Secondly, to share these wonderful chants in a form that both teaches them and offers some suggestions for group singing and harmonizing. Last, but not least, I hope that these chants, songs, and invocations will help to bring you into a deeper understanding and resonance with Her seasonal Mysteries as they overlap and correspond with the cycle of women's lives.

I hope that these offerings will be well loved, sung, and find their way into your personal and group rituals throughout the year. Enjoy!

Ruth Barrett

FYI if you are interested in other women's music, take a look here

 Solar Flare Warning
picture 17 Jul 2003 @ 08:43
Issued: 2003 Jul 16 1227 UTC :Product: documentation here
Continued disturbed solar wind conditions have boosted geomagnetic activity to major storm levels (Kp=6). In the coming hours we expect a return to more moderate activity (Kp=3-4). Meanwhile flaring activity on the Sun has dropped below the C-flare level.

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