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Morphogenesis from the Greek morphe, form and genesis, coming into being

Wednesday, July 16, 2003day link 

 Dianic University Opens Summer Solstice 2003
picture 16 Jul 2003 @ 15:33
The University is opened for registrations starting June 21st!

Dianic University Mission Statement:

We believe in bringing together the diverse souls of women from all over the world, to learn and exchange ideas, and to enhance each other. We can widen the collective female imagination through Goddess/Magical studies, connecting peace, work, ecology, freedom, and personal empowerment with happiness. Women united are changing the world for the better.

From: Z
Summer Solstice is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere,and Winter Solstice magical time is in the Southern Hemisphere. We begin our journey around the sun and along the way we learn Dianic Witchcraft.

The Northern awareness is in which I exist, your teacher, so it is a focus for me.The Southern Hemisphere has the opposite weather, my focus last winter when I have created the CD about it titled "Winter." Focusing on any part of her seasons and any part of her planet body is good for everybody.

We will study a body of knowledge,spells and rituals and phylosophy. We travel together , form our desitiny groups ,learn about our place on the Circle of Rebirth. We have worked hard and finally we are ready. Come and register. I cant wait, this is a first for me!

Blessed be! Zsuzsanna E Budapest

Check here for more info about Z and the Dianic Tradition.

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