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Morphogenesis from the Greek morphe, form and genesis, coming into being

Tuesday, April 1, 2003day link 

picture 1 Apr 2003 @ 13:07
On May 3rd, 2003 , The Works n Shirts Project invites you to take part in "WEARNICA", an international exhibition of artistic reactions to war. On the day of the event, participants in cities around the world will form walking art galleries, wearing original works they've created on the backs of white dress shirts into museums and monuments, parks and shopping malls to help raise public awareness of the realities of war in our time.

 Our Little Paradise
picture 1 Apr 2003 @ 12:46
Raymond posted an article about the ENature Habitat page we set up for our house last year. It is great fun to log what is in your back yard and local vicinty. Living in the Los Padres National Forest, we see a lot of life. You can tell Spring is here with flowers blooming everywhere, bird, bees, butterflies grace the breezes.

We have started our Spring planting, with three new trees, almond, avocado and a grafted 4 in one apple tree. Every day we weed. (By the way, a weed is any plant growing where you don't want it to be growing.) In permaculture the plants that reseed them selves are called "volunteers" which you just move around to where you want the to grow.

Happy Spring!

 Another Naked Protest
picture 1 Apr 2003 @ 12:19
Julieposted an article that made me laugh today "Nudes Continue to Seize the Day!""

Banned Members In Naked Protest

A Somerset band who were denied a prestigious Radio 3 World Music Award because of their anti-war views, stormed the stage to launch a naked protest at The Ocean in London last night.

Two members and one supporter of the radical British folk-band Seize The Day, stripped off and climbed onto the stage as applause for the final act of the night ended. Their bodies were hidden at first with signs reading "BBC Cover-Up", before they went "the full Monty", to excited cheers from the 1000 strong audience. The slogan "Peace Not War" was written across their chests.

Seize The Day polled the most on-line votes in the Radio 3 "Audience Awards" category, but were disqualified without warning after Radio 3 Executives realised they might express their anti-war believes in song at the ceremony.

I had the pleasure of seeing them perform at The Goddess Conference in Glastonbury, England last summer.

For more about Naked Protests check out my blog entry here I been thinking about participating in this Naked for Peace by starting a naked blogger campaign.

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