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Morphogenesis from the Greek morphe, form and genesis, coming into being

Sunday, March 30, 2003day link 

picture 30 Mar 2003 @ 07:43
Ming posted an article "Weblogs on the move" where he says:

When I'm on the move, what I could use would probably be a simple mob-log technology, where I could post photos and short notes from a cell phone or something. And probably I'd prefer for that to go in a sidebar to my normal weblog.

I am looking forward to this future feature!

For now take a look at this Fotolog " a website that lets you easily put your digital photos on the web in a daily log format. If friends/family have their own Fotologs, you can see everyone's latest photos on one page and link back and forth to each other. And, you can comment in each other's guest books.

From their FAQ:

Why use Fotolog if I can just email photos to my friends and family?

Your friends/family will see your network of friends/family photos on your page

Your friends/family can check out your Fotolog when they want to, not when you bug them to

Fotolog automatically creates an archive of your past photos - so, for example, people can see '"how the baby's grown" whenever they want

You'll have your own continually updated website without doing very much

Fame and fortune will result from being featured on the Fotolog homepage

Ming, maybe you can create a link or feed into your sidebar rather than write more code on your own. I would like to see more of your pictures as your travel. Safe Journey!

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