Morphogenesis - Priestessing on the edge of chaos: Celebrating 10 years Like a “feminist Google,”
Morphogenesis from the Greek morphe, form and genesis, coming into being
 Celebrating 10 years Like a “feminist Google,”
15 Dec 2005 @ 17:12, by Letecia Layson

"Changing the world for the better takes passion, dedication, information, resources, timeliness and mutual support. Today's activists need to access all that faster than ever before, so puts it at our fingertips.” – Gloria Steinem


December 15, 2005 - New York, NY – December 2005 marks the 10-year anniversary of, a thriving online community and the definitive hub for resources and information dedicated to women's equality, justice, wellness and safety. Today, maintains an ongoing and growing appeal, welcoming more than 75,000 visitors each month ! from all over the world, and tens of thousands of sites and search engines link to the site. Like a “feminist Google,” facilitates connections between women and the many, varied organizations serving their needs and interests worldwide.

In 1995, at a time when very few organizations - especially women’s organizations - had web sites, was launched by a group of twenty-something experts in the fields of activism, law, television, journalism, music, marketing and communications to initiate and facilitate grassroots mobilization and communication around political, health and educational issues related to women.

“When we launched the Internet was in its infancy and young women had few comprehensive resources to educate themselves about feminist issues and ideas, ” notes Marianne Schnall, Founder and President of “I envisioned as a user-friendly space on the Internet w! here women could not only find information they were seeking but they could also connect to other women and women’s groups across the country and around the world.”

For the last ten years, has provided a pro bono web presence for numerous leading women’s organizations and continues to provide a web presence for nascent organizations as they launch, playing a vital role as their link to their constituencies and other interested parties. For groups that already have web sites of their own, helps spotlight and promote their specific campaigns and issues.

As a library, a promoter of activism, a networking engine, and an Internet “home” for women all over the world, advances women-friendly organizations, increases civic involvement, and promotes self-sufficiency, spiritual health and general wellness - always in keeping with the spirit of its mission of "Awareness, Education, Activism and Empowerment.” has won countless awards for its! comprehensive content and resources, and has been reported on extensively in national publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Ms. Magazine for its dedication to promoting and sustaining women's well-being.

What the media are saying about "FEMINIST.COM+WOMEN=POWER. You're a feminist lost in cyberspace; how do you cut through the endless wilds of data and find womyn-friendly space? Go to [link], the guiding light for progressive women on the Web." -- Ms. Magazine

“Check out for a nicely connected resource on a wide range of issues involving women -- activists or not. You’ll find everything from health and fitness reports to the latest news on what politicians are up to.” -- USA Today Online, “Net Sites of Note”

For more information or media inquiries about, please contact Susan Celia Swan/Mat! t Dunn at or call 212-253-1823.

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