Morphogenesis - Priestessing on the edge of chaos: 11/11/03 In Honor of John Conejar Layson
Morphogenesis from the Greek morphe, form and genesis, coming into being
 11/11/03 In Honor of John Conejar Layson
picture 12 Nov 2003 @ 23:59, by Letecia Layson

My father was born on 5/5 and died on 11/11. It has been 14 years since he died. Every year my mother and family attend the Veteran's Day Memorial Cervice at the cemeter where he is buried. We were given a flag which was drapped over his cofin when he was buried. It flys once a year in this ceremony honoring him and his commitment to his adopted home.

My two sisters and one heart sister toasted him at dinner. He is not forgotten.

I miss you Daddy, you live in my memories and heart!

My eldest sister wrote this piece in honor of our father last year.

Owa * Juan * John * Dad
(A Veteran’s Day Tribute – 2002)
by Carolina Layson Goodman

· How brave of Owa to leave the comfort of his mother, father, nine brothers and sisters, cozy nipa hut, and beautiful rice fields on the island of Panay as a teenager to seek his fortune half-way around the world. (ca. 1918)
· Duty drew John to join the army in WWII to defend his homeland. (1943)
· With confidence in himself, John followed a dream and moved his family to Palm Springs. (1953)

· A man of few words, Dad always seemed ready with a smile or a joke.
· Either working (16 hours/day) or sleeping (6 hours/day), Dad had little time to chum with buddies.

· Who was the lucky Stockton family who benefited from a devoted houseboy named Juan?
· Juan must have impressed the Manongs with his hard-working attitude as he learned to cleave meat in their butcher shop.
· By cooking meals for troops in WWII, John gained a skill that would serve him for the rest of his life.
· Opening a restaurant in Stockton was a tremendous undertaking for John. Giving free meals to friends and family was his downfall.
· Working in two different restaurants during the desert’s tourist season and also in Lone Pine or Lake Arrowhead from June to October made it possible for John to support his wife and five children.
· The fruit and vegetables that came from Dad’s garden impressed and delighted the whole filipino community.

· John never failed to send money to family back in the Philippines.
· Dad would give everything he could to everyone else, wearing second-hand clothing and eating leftovers whenever possible.

· Like a mother hen, late each night upon returning home from work, Dad would make the rounds, checking to see that each of his children was safe and well.
· Until he was wheelchair bound, John devoted himself to doing whatever he could to making his wife happy.

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