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Morphogenesis from the Greek morphe, form and genesis, coming into being
 70 Up
picture 25 Aug 2003 @ 14:31, by Letecia Layson

70 Up is a multimedia project whose mission is to put forth a positive image of women's aging via a travelling exhibit, web site and book. It seeks to highlight older women's productivity and contributions to society and family. 70 Up is a vehicle that encourages intergenerational understanding. The goal is to reframe the way we think about women's aging by exposing the public to images of strong, vibrant, and passionate women who are in the thick of life.

70 Up delves into the lives of 30 remarkable and ethnically diverse women through photography and interviews. It explores what the real deal is post seventy on subjects such as power, sex, love, fear, courage and aging itself. Surprisingly refreshing takes on topics like these are revealed through candid interviews. Combined with cutting edge photography, we are impelled to see aging through raybans not granny specs! Our old ideas are turned upside down and are replaced with exciting, new images of aging.

The photographs and interviews challenge traditional ideas about aging. By putting forth refreshing and inspiring images of aging, 70 Up helps build a bridge of understanding between older and younger generations. This link between generations is crucial to ensuring that older persons are valued, their rights are guaranteed and their voices are heard. 70 Up delivers the message to young people that elders are not a separate species, but people like themselves, just later in life. The women of 70Up inspire us about the possibilities that are available to us in the later years of life.

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