Morphogenesis - Priestessing on the edge of chaos: 2003 Lotus Festival
Morphogenesis from the Greek morphe, form and genesis, coming into being
 2003 Lotus Festival
4 Jul 2003 @ 17:46, by Letecia Layson

The Lotus Festival is sponsored by the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks

WHEN: Saturday, July 12, 2003 - 12:00 Noon to 9:00 pm
Sunday, July 13, 2003 - 12:00 Noon to 8:00 pm
(The dates coincides with the blooming of the Lotus Flower)

LOCATION: Echo Park in Los Angeles, California, located on Park Avenue between Glendale Avenue and Echo Park Boulevard, just north of the Hollywood (101) and Pasadena (110) freeway junction, near Dodger Stadium

1711 W. Montana Street, Los Angeles.
Cross streets Lemoyne St. and Montana St.
1632 Bellevue Ave, Los Angeles
Cross streets Temple St. and Glendale Blvd

1711 W. Temple St, Los Angeles
Cross Streets Temple St. and Glendale Blvd.

MISSION: To develop, promote and create an atmosphere of understanding in which Asian and Pacific Islander communities in Southern California are brought together for two (2) days of cultural sharing. To preserve and enlighten the public with a sampling of distinctly different and unique Asian and Pacific Islander customs and traditions in the arts, music, dance, drama and food.

Providing a fun and enjoyable festival for the entire family.

HIGHLIGHTS: Opening Ceremonies begin on Saturday at 12:00 noon, at the 26th Annual Lotus Festival, which include live music, dance and entertainment from a variety of performers representing many of the diverse countries of Asia and the Pacific Islands. This year’s highlighted culture will be “Bangladesh”. A fabulous fireworks final over Echo Park Lake will conclude the day's activities at 9:00 p.m., with the eminent Taiko Drummers playing the background.

Asian and Pacific Islander personalities from the media and acting professions will act as emcees during this two-day event.

Artisans-at-work will be on hand to demonstrate their skills on the beautifully decorated Flower Island . Their artwork illustrates their spirit, tradition and pride of the Asian and Pacific Islander handiwork. Includes: paper-cutting, hand painted scrolls, calligraphy, plant and flower expertise, livestock and
other Asian artwork.

The Health Fair will feature free screenings, information and referrals.

Community service organizations will offer free information, assistance and referrals for employment, social services, immigration, education, housing, translations and a variety of other free and/or low-cost services.

The Art Show Exhibit will feature artwork with the “lotus flower” theme created by students from Middle and High Schools throughout the Southern California communities. Professional artists will judge entries.

The International Marketplace will offer a variety of Asian and Pacific Islander items for sale, including clothing, jewelry, artwork, hand-made crafts, incense, body oils and much more.

Children's Courtyard will give children the opportunity to learn Asian and Pacific Islander arts and crafts, enjoy live music, storytelling, songs and dances.

Queens and Princesses representing their local communities will be in their traditional native dress.

Dragon Boat Races are held both days, with media personalities, community service groups, political and business organizations and local colleges and universities will be competing for awards.

The Food Booth area will offer a variety of Asian and Pacific Islander cuisine, that will feature foods and enticing delicacies, which are traditional to their native country.

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