Morphogenesis - Priestessing on the edge of chaos: Sprites, Blue Jets and Tibetan Dakinis
Morphogenesis from the Greek morphe, form and genesis, coming into being
  Sprites, Blue Jets and Tibetan Dakinis
picture 20 Feb 2003 @ 16:31, by Letecia Layson

This post has been reprinted here with permission of the Author, Vicki Noble, co-creatix of the Motherpeace Tarot Deck.

Dear Motherpeace Friend:

As many of you know, for years now (since the spring of 1995) I have been enthusiastically tracking a weather phenomenon that scientists have named "Sprites" and "Blue Jets." These huge columnar light-shows were recorded a decade ago as they were appearing in front of airplane pilots
at 33,000 feet. (I have been viewing them for the last year or two in moving video images on the Discovery website, among others.)

When I read about Sprites and Blue Jets in a newspaper piece in 1995, I was floored, because for me it sounded like a physical display of giant Dakinis, as they are desribed in Tibetan Buddhism. Many people do Tibetan Buddhist dakini practices everyday to invoke and invite the Dakinis into our lives for protection, good health and longevity not only for oneself but for everyone on the planet. When Dakinis are perceived in visualization, they frequently whirl in as vase-shaped whirling tornadoes or waterspouts--in other words, in long "columnar" shapes. Scientists describe the Sprites ("red, mushroom-shaped electrical discharges") and Blue Jets ("blue electrical discharges branching upwards from the tops of thunderclouds") as if they are dancing. Dakinis are almost always depicted as dancing. Vajrayogini, Queen of the tantric (transformational) Tibetan Buddhist school known as Vajrayana, is red. Thröma, the Black Dakini who cuts llusions with her crescent knife and brings enlightenment in a flash, is described as "blazing blue-black." Mayumi Oda's painting of the Black Dakini can be seen on the cover of my book, Shakti Woman: Feeling Our Fire, Healing Our World (The New Female Shamanism) which came out in 1991 from HarperSF.

On Candlemas morning--Saturday, February 1st--the NASA space shuttle disintegrated on its way back into the earth's atmosphere, as I'm sure you all know. The seven astronauts on board all died. I was teaching at New College in San Francisco that morning and I heard the news on the way to my class. I thought immediately that it was an "oracle," rather than just an "accident," since it happened on one of the Goddess's holy cross-quarter days. I felt that we were supposed to rethink the space program, and that the Dakinis had somehow intervened with this message. The fact that this was one of very few shuttles that NASA sends up in space WITHOUT nuclear substances on board suggested a kind of intelligent benevolence in the delivery of the message. Clearly, the disaster could have been SO much worse.

Today on the front page of the SF Chronicle (and I imagine all over the country) is the news that an astronomer photographed what looks to be a "purplish bolt of lightning striking the shuttle." NASA is trying to "verify" whether the image on the photographic film is real or not. Meanwhile the newspaper article describes the research that was taking place on Sprites and Blue Jets for the last ten years and mentions that the Israeli astronaut who was on the Challenger was one of the main researchers involved in the international Sprite investigation project! The article even mentions a NASA weather balloon destroyed by a Sprite (they think) in 1989, the scorched contents of which landed in--get this--Palestine, Texas!! Now pieces of the Columbia are falling in the same place.

For years now that the events taking place in the external world at the present time have seemed quite out of control, with very little (seemingly) that an individual can do to make a difference. The fact that we have a government that we did not elect right here in America, and that we are perched on the brink of a war against civilians that our population does not want to happen, are congruent with this illusion of general human impotence in the face of powerful forces of destruction. Yet I have said for years that there are larger intelligent beings in this and other dimensions who are big enough to engage in struggle with the forces of destruction--and these magical forces (entities) who battle for the life and longevity of the planet (Buddhas, Dakinis, Bodhisattvas, Angels, whatever you want to call them) are where I put my energy and support.

If the Blazing Blue-Black Dakini (or an electrical Blue Jet in the form of a "purplish, luminous corkscrew" the size of a skyscraper) intercepted a space shuttle on its way back into our atmosphere on the most sacred days of the year, is it too much to assume that there is a message here, and that the message is something like: STOP AND CONSIDER WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Stop the space program, Stop Star Wars. Stop trying to colonize outer space. Stop sending nuclear technologies up into space. DANGER. Wouldn't paying attention to this give a larger meaning to the sacrifice of the seven people on board?

I have had a query letter ready to send to Discover Magazine for the last several months in relation to this material. I have wanted to do a collaborative piece with my Tibetan friend, Tulku Thubten Rinpoche, investigating any connections that might be made between scientific descriptions of Sprites and Blue Jets seen here, and the reports of Dakinis seen for hundreds (or thousands) of years in the Himalayas. But I couldn't figure out how to get a scientific magazine to consider the possibility that "religious" phenomenon (the Dakinis) and a "scientific" one (the Blue Jets) could be the same thing. And now--in an absolutely stunning surprise to me this morning--the newspaper has pictures of the Sprites and Blue Jets right on its front page.

The Goddess is Alive and Magic is Afoot. May all beings be released from suffering and the causes of suffering. May all beings realize the Dakini. May all beings be happy. May there be peace on earth. Blessed Be.

Vicki Noble
February 7, 2003

Here is some news about one of Vicki's books back in print:
"This book is a "re-issue" of Making Ritual With Motherpeace Cards, which came out briefly in 1998 and then went out of print--probably before most of you got to see it. They have chosen to put the Star on the cover, very nourishing and gentle--the Aquarian Age in a female vision. The woman in the hot spring is emanating light as she opens to cosmic forces and receives beneficial vibrations from the Pleiades. She could be visualizing the Dakini Mandala that I give to my private students as a method for calming the mind, opening the heart, and centralizing the life energies. The golden eagle soaring overhead suggests the long-range vision she channels through her shamanistic trance state, and the power she is able to access from invisible realms where her spirit is able to fly. Morning glories lie in the foreground, and lotuses float on the surface of the water. A green frog watches her bathe within a stone circle. This is sacred, holy, natural healing. She is in a state of grace wherein transformation is occurring. I wish this for veryone, for the whole planet, at this crucial juncture in our cultural history.

Congratulations Vicki! Looking forward to Double Goddess's release later this year. And the workshop in Ojai in June.

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